Shaving Bumps Treatment

Shaving bumps (pseudofolliculitis barbae) are caused by ingrown hairs which produce a foreign body reaction in the skin. Previously, the only effective treatment was to “grow a beard.” Now, Hughes Dermatology’s long-pulse Nd:YAG laser (Lyra-i) successfully and affordably treats this troublesome malady and is safe for skin of color. Contact Dr. Hughes today for evaluation and treatment.

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Lyra-i Laser Treatment of Shaving Bumps

Because they must be clean-shaven, many military men suffer from pseudofolliculitis. If you suffer from “shaving bumps” (ingrown hairs from shaving), contact our office regarding a simple one-time treatment. The treatment is safe and effective, improves the skin’s appearance, and resolves the irritation. Treatment is estimated to last approximately 6 months.