New Vascular Laser

Our newest Candela V-Beam Perfecta pulsed dye laser offers bruise-free treatment of facial redness, rosacea and facial vessels! It is the gold standard for port wine stains.

In most cases, treatments are completed without topical anesthesia, due to the prolonged pulse duration and built-in cryogen cooling. The lack of vasoconstriction from a topical anesthetic makes this laser more efficient.

The laser is also effective for “brown spots,” offering a quick healing alternative to liquid nitrogen cryosurgey. This workhorse laser is effective for molluscum contagiosum, sebaceus hyperplasia and warts.

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Telangiectasia: before and after

Telangiectasia: before and after

Port wine stains before and after

Port Wine Stain: before and after

Liver Spots before and after

Liver Spots: before and after


Our new generation pulsed dye laser